We prescribe opiates (narcotics) to many of our patients. It is easy for us to determine whether there is medical necessity since we will spend over an hour with you obtaining your history and physical examination.

Since almost one in five patients that seek out pain doctors for pain pills try to divert or misuse the medication we are well trained to look for certain red flags. We also will randomly as well as systematically check your urine on occasion to help us verify compliance with what is prescribed as well as monitor computer data bases to make sure you aren't obtaining opiate medication from another physician.

Although opiates are often necessary, many of our patients become less dependent or able to discontinue their opiates after our intervention.

Our goal, of course is to get you pain free thus eliminating the need for these medications.

Addiction is rare, especially the way we prescribe, although almost all patients get some degree of physical dependence. In addition to opiates and our interventional procedures we also prescribe a variety of other types of medication to help control pain.