Welcome to Interventional Pain Specialists

The sole purpose of forming this group (IPS) has been to put together the best team of interventional pain physicians in the world, for you the patient. We treat most types of pain, the majority being neck, back, extremities and headaches. A quick simple way to describe most of what we do is to relate our care to being on either side of a fence, with surgeons being the fence. We try to intervene to prevent patients from needing surgery. And on the other side, we are there if surgery has failed to give enough relief.

Rather than have doctors all trained at the same institutions, we have brought physicians from several excellent training programs: including Harvard, Northwestern, The Cleveland Clinic, Indiana, Xavier, Kentucky ,Baylor College of Medicine, University of Cincinnati, Texas, and Oxford-England. We are continually synthesizing our knowledge base to provide best possible care. All our doctors have talented hands. If a procedure is necessary we are quick and accurate. We are at the forefront of state-of-the-art procedures and techniques for giving long term pain relief. We continually scan world literature to see if doctors anywhere potentially have a better idea for a certain type of pain. When needed we go to the world expert or fly them to our offices to train us personally, if indeed we find it to be an effective treatment. We also research and publish in medical journals.

IPS has 3 excellent office based facilities and our medical equipment is unmatched. IPS has at present about 50 employees. No one here is average, mediocrity is not acceptable. We pay top dollar to get the most talented and caring people for each job. You will see the difference on your first visit. Over one hour is spent on your history and physical examination. It is routine for us to hear that we are the first to be thorough, give precise answers, explain in detail your issues and give you HOPE that we are going to make a difference in your life.

Finally as President of Interventional Pain Specialists I want to share with you that I know pain first hand having had 4 lower back surgeries myself. I know what all types of back pain feel like: facet and sacroiliac joint pain, radicular leg pain, spasm, stiffness, and axial or discogenic pain that makes you feel drained at the end of the day and like you are many years older than you are. This is not acceptable. I am a patient here as well and with a tune up every year or two I haven't missed a day of work in almost 7 years.

Our Physicians & Medical staff get extreme joy making a difference in people's lives. It would be an honor if you would consider entrusting your care to us.

Kendall E. Hansen, M.D.